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How you can develop a relationship with the Moon's Phases

Our ancestors found a deep connection to the phases of the moon. Ancient cultures often used the moon’s cycles to track time and create calendars. They also believed that the moon had a spiritual power that could influence their lives. Some used the moon’s phases to determine when to plant or harvest crops, or when to perform certain rituals and ceremonies. They also used the moon as a navigational tool, as its position in the night sky determined the direction they were traveling. Overall, our ancestors found a deep connection to the moon’s phases and used it in many aspects of their lives and you can too.

Every night take a moment to gaze up at the moon. Notice if the Moon is full or crescent. While you gaze at her, take a few breaths, offer a moment of gratitude, and bathe in her luminosity. This is the way our ancestors used to cycle by the moon, by having a consistent intimate connection. You will notice yourself syncing up with the moon the more you spend time honoring her.

Taking time to connect with the moon can be a powerful and beautiful experience. Here are a few more ways to connect:

  • Try a moon meditation. Use your breath to travel to the moon and observe the energy it has to offer.

  • Create a lunar altar. Set up a space in your home dedicated to the moon and her cycles, with items that represent the moon's power, such as crystals and candles.

  • Spend time outdoors during the full moon. Stand in the moonlight and feel the energy of the night.

  • Journal about your experience. Write down your thoughts and feelings about connecting with the moon and her cycles. This is a great way to deepen your relationship with the moon and yourself.

Start now to build a relationship with the Moon by noting the Phase of the moon in your journal and just write how you feel. In future articles, we will delve deeper into tracking what constellation the Moon is in among other placements, but before we get there, start with a month of noting the phases and how you feel on those days. Drop your questions below or schedule a Free Session with me to learn how you can begin incorporating the moon phases into your daily practice.

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