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How to connect to your Sexuality through Cacao

Each day when you drink cacao, your sexual organs receive medicine, a flow of blood to activate your inner guide. Your sexual energy is your life force. Have you ever eaten chocolate and just felt different?

Chocolate, specifically unprocessed cacao, is not the same as other foods, it is the food of Gods. You are a God.

Welcome to understanding your divinity through the lens of Cacao. Come sit with cacao she welcomes you to connect to your divinity, your sexual energy, your inspiration, and your genius is all there and cacao can help you hear it more clearly. When you hear it, you can then begin to connect to your purpose here on Earth, we are just like the plants and animals and yes have an inspired purpose. Cacao is a plant medicine that can help you learn more about yourself.

Reading this prompt while drinking cacao tea, how do you feel?

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