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Gardening, no longer a hobby, its a necessity

I write this as an homage to you and your future self, who will wake up one day and find your self harvesting your days food from your own personal garden. Until, we all get there, there are a few things you can do today. to take the steps to get all of us to this vision.

The first step is plant some seeds today. That is it, You can stop reading now, however, I have a few more tips to share before you go.

If you have a living situation that does not allow you to have a potted plant, your first task is to grow sprouts. I will write an article on how to grow your own sprouts at home. This will give you fresh micro greens that will give you nutrients you need in your daily nutritional intake. This will inspire you to envision and see yourself in your future garden, it is waiting for you to see it.

If you have a space for potted plants but not a garden, then it is time to find your east facing windows and make a space for the plants you want to welcome into your life. I will write an additional article on how to start a window garden, in the mean time go find that east facing window and see what space there is for plants.

If you have a space for a small garden outside, I will also write an article and link it here once I complete it, but for now your task is to get a few small pots, sunflower seeds, and patience. Then you will have your first crop that will make multiple recipes.

My small garden in Paukaa, Hawaii

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