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Even more about Sensuality and Cacao

Hello All, the theme of chocolate for gifts for yourself and others goes as far back as one can remember, and there is a good reason. Chocolate makes you happy. It really does.

The less Milk and Sugar you add the more benefits you will feel. In an article written by Ethan Swift earlier this year, he explains all about Cacao, but specifically, notes the following about the impact of cacao on our body "cacao works like viagra increasing blood flow to the sexual organs for both men, woman and all those beautiful gender-identities in between.

There are so many ways that cacao seduces us all. It's obvious cacao's mouthfeel, flavor and aroma, are sensual.

Cacao's allure is not overly extroverted, because there are unknown ways it seduces us. Consider extra-oral tastebuds. Those are something, rarely mentioned or studied. "

Reading this helped me understand further the experiences I have been having each morning with my cup of 100% cacao tea. It is a Full Body Experience. Cacao is here to help open us up to ourselves.

Even more to come on this topic, but please share below if you have experienced the heart and body flowing effects of cacao?

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