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Do you feel disconnected from who you are, your ancestors?

No matter who you are you can connect to your ancestors, we have been kept from connecting to them with the use of organized religions that prevent us from hearing our inner voice and the voices of our ancestors. I did not realize this at first but without a doubt historical facts point to this. The Witch Trials were not about evil doers, it was actually individuals who refused to follow the rules of the cult that ruled at the time. Working with nature was literally outlawed, it is now time dear Earth Guardian to awaken up and listen to the voices of the ancestors connect to your culture and see that all cultures were once one, we all worked with the Earth and understood that Love is All.

Therefore, if you have you ever wanted to know more about your ancestors but didn't know where to start, I am here to help! Get to know your ancestors without knowing your parents by using this guide I created as I have been digging into my family history. With a little introspective work, you too can uncover your family's story and learn about the people who came before you. To learn more join Earth Guardian Academy and read my guide on how to #DiscoverYourRoots #AncestryResearch #FamilyHistory #KnowYourRoots #youareyourancestors

And now for the Guide! I will post this as a one page resource later in the Members section but for those of you that want to get started take off from here and get to know your ancestors, please let me know in the Comments below how this goes for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read How to Get to Know Your Ancestors Without Knowing Your Parents. My journey to get to know my ancestors began after meeting with a mentor in 2020 and we reviewed my natal chart in depth. There I met my star stories and who my ancient ancestors were, but I wanted to know more. When writing this guide I wanted to express the idea of learning about your ancestors without relying on a direct source, such as your parents. This led me to research and explore the various ways one can achieve this, such as through the use of genealogy websites, DNA testing, your natal chart and other archival records. I was inspired by my own experiences of researching my ancestry and learning about my ancestors to write a guide for you to also begin your journey.

Also, as I dug deeper, a lot of my placements pointed to ancestor work and helping others to the same. At the time, I told my mentor that I felt connected to my ancestors in a metaphysical way but I truly didn't know who I was and where I came from so I got a DNA test and began my search based off that. For me I am 68.3% Irish/English background so I dove into that. I am also 30% German and haven't even begun to deep dive into that research except that I found that Celtic Tribes were as far south as Germany, so my ancestors traveled and found their homeland in England. I have yet to trace when my ancestors came to America, but I had to write this guide now to to help each of you that may be like me and do not have a relationship with any of your blood relatives.

Maybe you were adopted maybe you just didn't have the support of your family and no longer speak to them for, and are now seeking connection to your ancestors. That is who I was over 2 Years ago and now, I wake up and speak to my ancestors because they are within me, just as they are within you. The more you educate yourself about yourself the easier it is for your ancestors to communicate with you. Knowing about your own ancestry and culture will help you stop using others' religious beliefs and customs as yours, you will find that all government organized religion has been used as a tool to divide us all, therefore, it is our job to see through this and seek to speak to our ancestors that live right within us.

Connecting to our ancestors can be a powerful and meaningful experience. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Get a DNA test, like 23&Me or either can get you pointed in the right direction.

  2. Run a detailed natal chart, take a look at your placements and what Star they align with, research the ancient history of that star and there you can find hints of who your ancient ancestors were and who you still are as well.

  3. Take some time to think about the ancestors you would like to connect with. Consider their names, their lives, and any messages or guidance you would like to receive from them.

  4. Research your family tree and learn as much as you can about your ancestors. This can help you feel more connected to them.

  5. Do an Ancestor Tarot Spread. Ask questions of which ancestor is present and then ask a few questions. Over time you will begin to know who is exactly speaking to you. See my article on how to speak to Ancestors for more info.

  6. Spend time in nature. Take a walk in the woods, visit a park, or go to a beach. Being in nature can help you connect to the energy of your ancestors.

  7. Meditate. Spend some time in silence and stillness. This can help you open up to the energy of your ancestors and the wisdom they can share.

  8. Journal. Write down any messages or feelings that come up for you. This can help you connect to your ancestors on a deeper level.

  9. Connect with other family members or people that have the same genetic background. Talking to family members and others about their family can help you feel connected to your ancestors.

  10. Lastly, remember that connecting to your ancestors doesn’t have to be complicated. Be open to the experience and trust that your ancestors will be with you.

As I mentioned above, one of the ways to connect with you and your ancestors is through your natal chart, if you do not know your birthdate to run your complete natal chart please see this article linked below written by one of my mentors, this will help you determine what your rising sign may be. If you need help running your Natal Chart please feel free to schedule a Natal Chart Reading with me here:

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