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Dancing and Cacao - A ceremony and a step towards connecting to your inner Earth Guardian

As we live our dynamic ever-flowing, at times unpredictable lives we look forward to some sort of opening to let our thoughts flow mindlessly and connect to our inner being, a step toward holistic wellbeing. Some prefer drawing, some painting, others delight in gardening, and sculpting, some create music and some indulge in dance. Me, I love to do most of those things and more, but I feel my most primal when I dance. I feel most connected to myself when just freely dancing while and after drinking ceremonial cacao.

Research shows these types of ceremonies contribute to overall well-being, over the past few years, I have created a self-generated ceremony around dancing specifically, while drinking 100% pure cacao tea and wanted to share this with you today, so that you can get started with your own practice today. Please let Ethan Swift and I know if you have any questions about cacao. You may also purchase our ceremonial cacao tea here or ceremonial 100% cacao bar here.

How is dancing with cacao connected to your overall health? The best way to connect to yourself and enjoy dancing is right after you brew a cup of cacao tea. Cacao beans have been proven to be a good source of energy, improve focus, stimulate the brain, and has antioxidants along with many other medicinal perks. But what contributes the most is that Cacao also has been proven to the opening of the heart, elevating of our mood, and reduce stress which is exactly what you need for a ceremonial dance with yourself and cacao.

These benefits allow you to open your heart freely feel the music and move your body 100% freely, wear as little clothing as needed to achieve this, and become one with your truest, raw, pure, unbridled self while listening to your favorite music and drinking cacao tea.

I may add more to this article later, but for those that want to so go ahead and have fun connecting with ceremony solo, this ceremony, will help you connect with cacao and with yourself and will later support your journey as you connect with others in the circle with cacao here in the Academy.

Creating your own Cacao Dance Ceremony

To Prepare

  1. Create a safe judgment-free space, (lock the door of your room, do whatever it takes to not be interrupted)

  2. Alcohol-free zone (Alcohol is not an energy that mixes well with cacao)

  3. Find music that connects to your inner being that you can play for up to 1 hour

  4. Wear loose or no clothing

  5. Make your tea

To Begin

  • Play Music ( headphones are okay)

  • Sit down

  • Burn leaves that connect to your ancestors (Sage, Palo Santo, Bay Leaves, Sweet Grass etc )

  • Welcome in your spirit guides and team or whatever spirits or gods you welcome into your circles

  • Set intention for your dance ceremony ( example: to open my heart)

  • Drink your tea, at least 8 sips allow the tea to flow into your system before you begin to move.

  • Allow yourself to flow cat-cow on the ground and dance on the floor until you feel moved to get up.

  • If you want to set a timer for at least 20 mins to allow yourself that much time to freely let go with music and cacao ( an hour max)

  • Once the time you have allowed has passed sit back down stretch, cool down

  • Thank your spirit team for being here with you.

  • Journal anything that came up and then let it go.

  • Thank Mother Cacao and close the circle as you do in your way.

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