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Welcome to Earth Guardian Academy, where we provide a nurturing space for you to connect, ignite, and elevate your inner Earth Guardian. Our founder, Jennifer Jones, is a passionate advocate for holistic well-being with a background in nutrition and a deep connection to the wisdom of the Earth. Through Ayurvedic nutrition and other tools, resources, and teachings, we help you nurture your mind, body, and soul. Join us a transformative journey to fully embrace your role as an Earth Guardian.

How Earth Guardian Academy Works

First Read the Free EBooks

The first step is reading the How to Garden and Compost with the Fairies and Elementals. Even if you do not plan to have a garden these books will help you connect to the Earth Guardians that are on your land. I wrote these after years of working with these friends, they want you to work with them as well.

Second, start eating cacao or Dark Chocolate. 

Eating cacao or dark chocolate can have numerous health benefits, such as improving health and reducing inflammation. So why not indulge in a little bit of chocolate every now and then? Just sure to choose high-quality, dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao for maximum. You may buy from my Chocolate Brand

Third, list what you are interested in teaching to other Earth Guardians.

Are you looking to inspire and share your knowledge with others? Let's schedule a time to discuss a speaking engagement that showcases your expertise and passion. Let's discuss your ideas and how we can make your resonate with your audience.

Fourth, bring an open mind and join the Groups so that you can message other Community Members.

The goal of Earth Guardian Academy is to not only teach those looking for answers on how to connect to their inner Earth Guardian but also is a space for all Earth Guardians to share their expertise on how they connect to what ignites them! When we Connect, Ignite one another with information we then Elevate one another!

Fifth, Attend and Host Workshops

I will be hosting Monthly Workshops beginning in July of 2023. Each workshop will be different and will have special guests! This is where you, Earth Guardians can share your expertise. Message me what you want to share with the Community and we can get you scheduled as long as it is in alignment with Earth Guardian Academy values. Connect. Ignite. Elevate.

Sixth, determine your Dosha

Above is the link to the Free Dosha Assessment. Complete the form, add the numbers and find your Dosha. Once you find out, schedule a Free Session with me to find out what you can do next to start eating and living more mindful of your own unique Dosha.

Earth Guardian Mentors

These individuals and companies listed below have collaborated with me or are teachers, mentors, or guides that have helped me in my efforts to support advocacy which led me to developing Earth Guardian Academy.



Chocolate Sommelier School

Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes Farms

The Path Of IX

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